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  • 1. Mismatched Footnote Numbering
    I am using Word 2007 and having difficulties with a document I'm editing for someone with over 300 footnotes. I am not tracking changes and am working with the document in the Final View. My problem is: as I'm moving working the document, the superscripts marking a footnote are not matching the numbering of the footnotes displayed at the end of the page. For instance, a sentence will read: blah blah blah.32 But, the footnote will read: ______________________________ 34. blah blah blah footnote The numbering at the bottom of the page is correct as I add and delete footnotes, but the numbers on the superscripts within the document are incorrect. How do I correct the numbering within the document? Thanks.
  • 2. Auto Caption
    I am creating a user guide which contains screen shots. How do I get Word 2007 to automatically insert a caption (figure number) when I paste the clipboard content into my document? I can do this manually, post-paste (right click, Insert Caption), and I can see that there is an AutoCaption button which takes me to a dialogue called "Add caption when inserting:" Here, I've ticked EVERYTHING, but to no avail. I still have to add the caption manually. Has anybody worked this out...? Thanks in advance.
  • 3. comments disappearing from balloons in track changes
    I just saved my document, and all my track changes comments suddenly went missing from their balloons. After my initial huge panic, I found all the comments at the very end of the document -- not in balloons, and not in the reviewing pane, but in the main text. It took me an hour to cut and paste all the comments back into their corresponding empty balloons -- extremely frustrating. Has anyone ever experienced this bizarre phenomenon? Solutions? I'm utterly baffled. I'm still using Word 2002.
  • 4. MS Word 2002 - Tool bar drop-down not showing up
    I have MS office 2002 programs on my laptop (Windows Vista) and for some reason, whenever I go to click something on the menu bar - for instance File, Edit, or View - the drop-down won't show up. All I get is a vague outline of the right-hand side of the drop down. Same with text color, font style, etc. I can still use it, sort of; if I know that the Save As option is n number of spaces down when I click File, I can use the down-arrow key to move that many spaces. The thing is, I don't have all that memorized, and I really want to fix this. It's on all the Windows programs on my laptop. The same thing also happens when I right-click anywhere on a document, and for the Recent Items option on the Start menu. I've tried restarting and scanning multiple times, and I'm not sure what else to do. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • 5. Saving under a specific folder path
    I have an employee that is not familiar with the computer so when they open a document and save it, it goes in the same area is was opened instead of his personal folder. How do I make it where it automatically saves under his folder path no matter what file he opens? If I can't do that, how do I make a folder read-only, to where he can't save any documents under that folder?

Spell Check an Index

Postby U2lsdmlv » Sat, 14 Jul 2007 02:46:22 GMT

Hello, I created and index (14 pages long) I know there are few mistakes in 
the index entry, however, the spell check appears to skip the index 
completely. I prefer not to go back to original document and make corrections 
but I do want to fix the index. How can be done (Spell Check) by working with 
the index ONLY?  

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