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  • 1. Errors 998 & 0x800CCC33
    I can't access my hotmail account through MS Outlook 2007. It continues not to recognize my password. Can someone please post step-by-step instructions on how to resolve this problem. I have been trying to get help for days on this issue.
  • 2. e-mail problem
    when i send e-mail the recipient receives the message as a long line of text and need to scroll across the page to read it. these messages are fine when i send them and i don't get a problem when i receive messages, unless i send them to myself and then it's just a long line of text. HELP -- seanpaul99
  • 3. Word has stopped working error message
    I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron for my daughter to take to college. The system came with Vista installed. I purchased the student version of Microsoft Office and installed it before she left for school. It appeared that the three main programs (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) installed correctly. My daughter discoverd at school when she tried to use word it would open but when trying to change anything within the document (font) an error message appreared stating Microsoft Office Word has stopped working, Windows will close the program. Excel and powerpoint seem to be ok. I tried to load all current Windows updates and was unsuccessfull on loading all updates. I received an error message of Code 6AA. This has been extremely frustrating to have a these issues on a new machine. Any help is greatly appreciated. I unistalled Office Home and reinstalled to no avail.
  • 4. =?Utf-8?Q?Gru=C3=9F-Sturm-Fr=C3=A4ulein_Ban_Leader?=
    Greetings Miss Storm Ban Leader I have more questions about Microsoft Office Word 2007 Home and Student Edition, my grandmother bought for me, working in a document or list of things I want for the holidays can play certain things, how to find duplicates, and replace it without entering the name and source to replace the instrument, in other words, how do I replace the duplicates in simple sentences, but complete, rather than by unique features, such as letters and symbols, and not because a piece paper
  • 5. Text boxes show in print prview, but not when I am editing the doc
    Hi! The text boxes in my word 2007 document do not show when I am editing the document. They do show up on print preview and print to hardcopy? What gives? -EddyG

Re: Using Write Anywhere

Postby Andre Da Costa » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 09:24:07 GMT

Its possible because the text is still in "Plain Text" when you copy it into 
Word, try saving the file in RTF or a Word document file then continue 
typing, Word should ask if you would like update the text to be used with 
Word 97 or later.

Andre Da Costa
Jamaica W.I.

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