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  • 1. Change columns to rows
    I've inherited a dataform and the text in it reads vertically because the columns are one character wide. Some of the data is quite long and it is difficult to read veritcally. Is there a way to change the columns to rows so the data can be read more easily? Thank you!
  • 2. Open Password Screen Persists
    Word 2003 - Windows XP Professional. On some documents I had protected with open and modify passwords now that I have removed them I can not get rid of Password Box for open password. If I hit enter or OK I go on into the document. How do I get rid of this Password Box. Security - Read Only Recommended is not checked.
  • 3. My Ctrl+F function does not work
    When I hit Ctrl+F, the pop-up window does not appear as it does in all other applications. Instead "ctrl+F" appears in the bottom bar where the GoTo data and tracking/language data is. Somthing must over ride it somehow. If I go via Edit in the main menu it works. Thanks p
  • 4. Auto Numbering assumed
    Is there a quick short-cut that I can try and back-up to an auto number??? Here's what I mean. I am typing a list. I enter the following information... Information Blah Blah Blah <ENTER> Blah Blah Blah <ENTER> (Auto Numbering is assuming a item and I am done there...I tried backspacing so that it would incrementally count to the previous level...2.1.4 but it just gets rid of anything. Is there any short-cut so that I can then go back a sub-section??? Or do I have to manually type 2.1.4???) Thanks in advance for your help. PSULionRP

Re: Lines and Borders

Postby Word Heretic » Wed, 19 May 2004 09:09:41 GMT

G'day Christine Mitchell < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

Version of Word please?

You can only change the default for tables for THAT DOCUMENT. If you
do this in the template, all docs created through that template will
work as advertised.

Steve Hudson - Word Heretic
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Christine Mitchell reckoned:

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