documents moved to new computer still reference old template



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documents moved to new computer still reference old template

Postby RGljayBXaWxsaWFtc29u » Wed, 21 Dec 2005 05:50:03 GMT

Documents were moved to a new computer, but they still are referencing a 
template on the old computer which no longer exists, so OPEN waits until that 
link reference times out on the network.  Changing template locations under 
options->file locations did not help; evidently that is just for new 

Is there a utility to update the template links?  At this point my only idea 
is to write a macro that for each document will read to get the name and copy 
contents to clipboard, close document, create new document and paste from 
clipboard, and then save with same name.

I think the template these documents are based on was a workgroup template, 
if that matters.  That template, as well as the documents, are on the same 
machine, but now with a different name.  

RE: documents moved to new computer still reference old template

Postby ZmluYWx3b3Jk » Wed, 21 Dec 2005 05:58:03 GMT

If you can get your document to open, you can try using Attach To which is 
located in Tools | Templates and Addins | Templat tab.  Just put the full 
path to the template in the Document Template line and choose the Attach 

The other option would be to create a blank document and then use Insert | 
File and insert the document you with which you are experiencing problems 
into the new blank document.

I hope this helps!

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