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Show Document Map as default

Postby cGVuc2Nob29sOTUw » Sat, 16 Oct 2004 06:29:06 GMT

How can I made the document map show as my default. It seems that whenever I 
close or save a file with it, when I re-open the file I get the Thumbnail 
View. Thanks.

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G'day laurel < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

Try copying everything except teh last para mark to a new document.

Steve Hudson - Word Heretic
Want a hyperlinked index? S/W R&D? See

steve from (Email replies require payment)

laurel reckoned:

>I am trying to open a document that I worked on yesterday (for hours, I'm afraid). Today, when it opens, it only shows the comments that came with the document when I started work on it. No text shows at all. However, when I click Document View, my text is still outlined in the Document View pane - but I can't get any of it to show in the document screen. 
>Can anyone help me?
>I don't know if this is helpful, but when I tried to save it under a different name, it defaulted to saving as a template, not a document. I have tried all of the different views and both accepting and rejecting all changes and none of those things made a difference.
>Thank you in advance for any thoughts you might have.

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I hope Word 2010 has the option of removing that annoying bar.

Martin Gifford.

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