How do I open up a previously saved version of a Word 2000 file?



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How do I open up a previously saved version of a Word 2000 file?

Postby TU1pc2Fyc2tp » Mon, 06 Jul 2009 12:00:01 GMT

I deleted a bunch of information from a Word document and then saved the 
changes -- thinking I had already pasted that needed data in another 
document, only to find out I did not. I want to get back the information. I 
saved this document nearly 400 times throughout the last two days, and I just 
need to recover a previous version, ideally the one before the last save. I 
tried going to "versions" under the File menu, but there was nothing in the 
box. I don't know where to find a previous version, but know it must be 
Please help!

Re: How do I open up a previously saved version of a Word 2000 file?

Postby Graham Mayor » Mon, 06 Jul 2009 13:10:55 GMT

When you save a document it replaces the previously saved version. It does 
not add to it. If you have backup enabled, you will have the previously 
saved version as the backup. The other 300+ saved versions are gone. You 
only have versions available if you activated it first.
If you had pre-installed an application such as Undelete 2009 Professional 
and you had the automatically save recovery data option set, then you would 
have been able to recover the previously saved recovery files - but not 
without it.
For the future you may like - 

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Graham Mayor -  Word MVP

My web site
Word MVP web site  http://www.**--****.com/ 
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