add in a red-line feature to Word, which is the opposite to strik.



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add in a red-line feature to Word, which is the opposite to strik.

Postby TGFycnlfSG93ZTQ4 » Fri, 25 Feb 2005 03:01:03 GMT

It would be nice to have a red-line feature in Word.  I correct a large 
number of documents and have to show the deletions and changes. The 
strike-out feature is available for deletions, but there is no equivalent for 
showing the modifications (red-line).  I could always paint the changes, but 
this is a feature which does not print correctly in a text environment.

Re: add in a red-line feature to Word, which is the opposite to strik.

Postby Margaret Aldis » Fri, 25 Feb 2005 03:25:44 GMT

Word's track changes feature will show both deletions and insertions. It
sounds like you need to change your track changes options so that the
insertions are shown as you wish - you can choose a text effect (for
example, underlining) as well as the colour. You can also (or alternatively)
show change bars in the margins.

The user interface for track changes has changed radically over recent Word
versions, so if you need further advice please give the version you are

Margaret Aldis - Microsoft Word MVP
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