Printer spool doesn't clear after print (Konica Minota 1350W)



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Printer spool doesn't clear after print (Konica Minota 1350W)

Postby VG9ueSBvZiBNb3Njb3c » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 02:03:04 GMT

The document prints fine but it remains in buffer (?) and nothing else will 
print.  I must cancel print and open up the printer to clear the document and 
then I can print another document.  I called Minota and they said it was MS 
software problem.  Any one else with the same problem?

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My 1350W is reatively new, and I don't think I ever tried to print
beyond 15 pages before.  So this may be a first for that.

What could be wrong?



5.Comments on the Konica Minolta 1350w?

This is on staples for $99.98......NO REBATE.........Let me say this
again.......NO pluck down a C note (+tax) and walk away with
the holy grail of all lasers nubies that ask about........."why should I buy
a laser......cause I have an inkjet".?

The reviews look very promising.....

Comments from owners....

Remember, the 1250 was featured a few times for $99 at Staples, but never
the 1350W.



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