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saving some pages of a big file as a separate file, Text organizin

Postby a3BzZGlu » Sun, 19 Jun 2005 20:21:01 GMT

1. i woulike to know how i can save, say, 3 pages of a 100 page document as 
separate file..

2. when preparing larger document, say 100 pages, is there any way i can 
pre-set the spaces between lines and words without going through all pages 
(while prepare larger documents, there can come two or 3 spaces between some 
lines and some to go through the whole document is time consuming)

Re: saving some pages of a big file as a separate file, Text organizin

Postby Jezebel » Sun, 19 Jun 2005 21:04:08 GMT

Select, copy, paste into a new document.

Don't really understand the question; but the general answer is that you 
control the formatting by setting the properties for the styles you need, 
then apply those styles. That way, you can re-format the document as a whole 
by changing the style. You should NEVER have to 'go through the whole 
document' to modify the format. 

Re: saving some pages of a big file as a separate file, Text organizin

Postby rderize » Mon, 20 Jun 2005 04:23:39 GMT

RE: Saving 3 pages...
This is how I would do it:  First, I'd open a New blank document.  Then, I'd
select the pages that I wanted to save and press Ctrl-C (this copies the
selected text), then, in the New document, press Ctrl-V (this pastes a copy
of the selected text into the New document). Now, save the New document with
a new file name.


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