In Word, I accidently switched my keys in my keyboard.



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In Word, I accidently switched my keys in my keyboard.

Postby VHJhc2hsZXk » Fri, 11 Feb 2005 04:37:07 GMT

When I was going to type, my hand slipped and I pushed some keys on the left 
and now all my letters are rearranged. How can I fix this? I appreicate any 
help I can get :-)

Re: In Word, I accidently switched my keys in my keyboard.

Postby Klaus Linke » Fri, 11 Feb 2005 10:32:17 GMT

Hi Trashley,

You probably hit Alt+LeftShift by accident? That's the Windows shortcut for
changing between keyboard layouts and languages.

Probably you don't need different keyboard layouts anyway, and you can remove
all but the one you actually use.
Where you do that depends on your OS, I think. In XP, it's under "Control panel


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