Printing bookfold documents, manual duplex, only pg 7 is printing



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Printing bookfold documents, manual duplex, only pg 7 is printing

Postby ampqb25lcw » Fri, 28 Oct 2005 08:58:04 GMT

I am using Word 2002.  I have several brochures I have created and printed 
before. Now when printing manual duplex (prints all pages otherwise), only 
page 7 prints.  I have checked my settings and cannot determine why this is 

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1.How to print individual sheets when using a bookfold and manual duplex

Hi folks,

I am really struggling with a book I am trying to print. I have made sure 
the pages are an exact multiple of 4 (84 pages) and I have set the bookfold 
option and the manual duplex option. However my printer jammed and crunched 
up the sheet that should have been pages 66 and 23 on the front and 24 and 
65 at the rear.

No problem I thought, I'll just re-print that sheet. But I can't when ever i 
ask it to print page 23, it prints page 78 and only page 78. I've tried all 
sorts of tricks just to print this one sheet with these 4 pages but I am 
failing miserably.

Can any-one tell me the secret please?

Many thanks,

2.Manual duplex printing and reversing print order on reverse side

How do I set up printing so that, when using the manual duplex printing 
option, the reverse side of the pages are printed in reverse order?

When I try using this option, I can't simply flip the whole pile of pages 
over before reinserting them into the input tray, because manual duplex 
doesn't know to reverse the print order.

Obviously I want to avoid having to individually flip each page over in 
order to make it work.

I can't use the print odd / even pages option combined with the reverse 
print order option (God knows I've tried!).  The problem with this approach 
is that I often work with multi-sectioned documents with non-consecutively 
numbered pages, so that using the print even pages option, for example, 
prints only even numbered pages (not what I want), rather than every second 
page (what I want).  

Surely there is some way of setting up the manual duplex option to suit my 
purposes and without subjecting me to unnecessary tedium!

Word 2002 SP3
HP L/Jet 1000 (still a great, cheap printer!)

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the front and back of the sheets, i.e. odd-numbered pages on the front, and 
even pages on the back. Office then prints the odd-numbered pages, in reverse 
order, waits for me to return the printed pages to the printer's input tray, 
and then prints the even-numbered pages, in correct ascending sequence.
I cannot find how to achieve this in Office 2007.
Does anyone know how? 

5.bookflod to print file with manual duplex

Hi All,

I have used the Bookfold option quite a lot. On every copy the layout is 
redone, wiht pictures and a large number of coppies this become time 
Printing to a file does work, but I do not have a duplex printer.
Marking the manusl duplex seems to work, which I deduct from the fact that 
Word is asking twice a file name. But .. after the second time Word seems to 
have crashed, i.e. it does not respond anymore. The second print file is also 

Does anyone knows how to solve this.

With best regards,


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