repeat text?



  • 1. How to hide XE field
    During my modification of Word document I see the XE field - for index. I don't know how to hide it. It disturbs me as I modify the text formating. Can you tell me how to hide it? I tried Ctrl+Shift+8 and Alt+F9 but it does not influence on XE field. -- Regards Jan Kratochvil WIN XP Pro SP2, Office 2007 SP 1
  • 2. Auto correct word files
    here's the issue: i got between 10-15 documents(.doc) i have to edit often. They are the same just with some small modification.Is there any program to link all changes to those modifications in the document by using tags or links in some way?
  • 3. rtf table numbering
    Old FrameMaker files were outputted as "Microsoft RTF 1.6" (whatever that means -- there were two varieties of rtf in FM's Save As list), so that they could be turned into Word2007 files, and everything is fine -- even the index entry markers -- except that the numbering of table headings seems to have gotten stuck: successive tables in a document do have numbers incremented, except once in a while they restart at 1. Right-clicking doesn't offer a "Resume Numbering" option. The table label and number don't show up in Format > Numbering, and they can't be selected (just like other automatic numbering). Is there a way to get them to number properly, short of replacing them with Insert Caption entries? (Eventually it will all get fed into InDesign, so maybe I shouldn't worry about it at all at this point?)
  • 4. Bullets and Styles (Word 2003)
    How can I unlink or change the style(s) associated with bullets? When I click on Bullets in the toolbar I get a bullet alright. But Word applies Heading 3 to the durned thing--and then turns all other instances of Heading 3--actual headings--into bullets. I have no idea how this started happening. Maybe I did something a while ago without realizing the impact. If it is a default setting, let's just say it is very inappropriate, at least for me. Any help would be appreciated! -- Joe McGuire
  • 5. Print document with tracked changes (Changes always grey)
    Hi, I have a problem printing a word document with tracking enabled. The changes are there but even if the settings are set to show the changes in red and the screen shows them in red the printer is printing them in grey. The logo which is on the same page is printed in color however. What am I doing wrong? Best regards, Geoff

repeat text?

Postby S2xvb2x1c3M » Tue, 04 May 2004 08:11:02 GMT

I have a paragraph in 9 pt. font, centered, with paragraph indents at 2" left, and 2" right.  It's just the way I like it, and I would like to repeat it throughout the page, in preparation for printing.  How do I repeat this small paragraph, maximizing area of the page

Thanks, Klooluss.

Re: repeat text?

Postby Jezebel » Tue, 04 May 2004 09:01:30 GMT

Define it as a style.

left, and 2" right.  It's just the way I like it, and I would like to repeat
it throughout the page, in preparation for printing.  How do I repeat this
small paragraph, maximizing area of the page?

Re: repeat text?

Postby S2xvb2x1c3M » Sat, 08 May 2004 09:41:04 GMT

Thank you, Jezebel.  I'll try that.  

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