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grouping on canvas

Postby U2tpcHBlcg » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 05:44:15 GMT

I posted this last week, but no response. In Word 2000, I could easily group 
pictures, clip art, and text boxes. Now having to use the drawing canvas (for 
unlike objects since you can't group without a canvas) I am having trouble 
still selecting the objects to group I always selected the first, hit Shift, 
then each object, then Group.  This does appear to work on the canvas. I also 
had trouble placing more than one clip art object onto the canvas. They came 
in on top of each other and did not allow me to right-click to change the 
layout option (in line vs. tight or behind text).  Thank you! This drawing 
canvas seems to have complicated what was a simple operation. 

RE: grouping on canvas

Postby Z2FyZmllbGQtbi1vZGll » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 05:51:10 GMT

Actually, Bob Buckland provided a very thoughtful response to your question.  
Read it.

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perhaps like that, and
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