cannot see clip art in word document



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cannot see clip art in word document

Postby U2FuZGVl » Tue, 07 Jun 2005 06:50:02 GMT

I am using Windows XP and MS Office 2003. In Word, I cannot see the clip art 
I copy or insert on the page, although when I do a "print preview" I can see 
it. I do not have the "show picture placeholder" selected in 

Re: cannot see clip art in word document

Postby garfield-n-odie » Tue, 07 Jun 2005 07:40:44 GMT

In Word, if you're working in Normal view, switch to Print Layout view 
(View | Print Layout), because objects that are formatted as "float over 
text" (Word 97) or *not* "inline with text" (Word 2002 and 2003) are not 
visible in Normal view.  In Word, click on Tools | Options | View tab | 
check the "Drawings" box and uncheck the "Picture placeholders" box | 
Print tab | check the "Drawing objects" box | OK.  If neither of the 
prevous suggestions fixes the problem, then try reducing the hardware 
acceleration setting in Start | Control Panel | Display | Advanced | 

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