• 1. Creating a jpg or gif from a word doc
    How do you convert an image created in a word document to its own gif or jpg file?
  • 2. Clip art won't show on screen. Used to be no problem.
    Microsoft Word. Have always been able to import clip art, pictures, etc. Just place them on screen and no problem. Now all I get is blank box outlined in black. NONE of the help that I find in Microsoft Word even addresses this. Makes it sound as if you just place picture right in. I use paste special and put in as bitmaps no use. Help says I should see AutShape, Drawing Canvas, or Picture on Format menu--they are not there and I cannot find out why. This did not used to be a problem, what's happened?
  • 3. Drawing Toolbar, Fill Effects does not work. MO SBE 2003, Wor
    Thank you and I am an idiot. New system, things look different. I guess I always did fill in my tables with Borders and Shading. I just checked the old system, and it is just my memory that is failing, not MS Word. "garfield-n-odie" wrote: > The fill, line, shadow, and 3-D effects only work on autoshapes (circles, > squares, etc.), not on text. > > "PurpleIris" wrote: > > > MO SBE 2003, Word 2003. When using the Drawing Toolbar, specifically Fill > > Effects, Line Effects, Shadow, and 3-D Style, the selections are gray shaded > > - blank. I know I can get to some of these from Format, but I can't seem to > > find anyway to make the icons work properly. Font Color and Highlight icons > > work properly. (Text has been selected first.) > > > > The problem appears to be selective, some of the icons (as noted above) work > > fine and then others do not. I tried to add the Fill Color icon to the > > Standard Toolbar, but it still did not work. It seems to be the icons on the > > Drawing Toolbar. (I added Highlight to the Drawing Toolbar and it still > > worked fine there.) > > > > Thanks.


Postby Colleen » Sun, 05 Oct 2003 04:02:35 GMT

Microsoft Word 2002 Equation 3.0 editor does NOT work like 
the Microsoft Word 2000 Equation editor.  Are there any 
patches to fix the things that weren't broken but now are?

I tried (along with numberous Word experts) to type a 
certain type of equation and it won't work.  Works just 
fine and dandy on Word 2000 but not on the 2002.  


Thanks for any advice you can give me.


Re: Equation

Postby Suzanne S. Barnhill » Sun, 05 Oct 2003 12:47:11 GMT

I believe the version of Equation Editor is the same in both Word 2000 and
Word 2002. What are you unable to do in Word 2002?

Re: Equation

Postby Bob Mathews » Mon, 06 Oct 2003 10:51:09 GMT

Colleen, the 2 Equation Editors are essentially the same.

Please be more specific than "it won't work". I'll try to help,
but I need more information -- as much as you can give.

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