how can i move from one text box to the next in Word 2007?



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how can i move from one text box to the next in Word 2007?

Postby TWlja3NoZWxseUtBQQ » Mon, 04 May 2009 07:54:02 GMT

Every section has text boxes dispersed to call attention to important text. 
1) How can I move quickly from one text box to the next? 2) Is there a way to 
make the Find and Replace function search the text boxes too.

RE: how can i move from one text box to the next in Word 2007?

Postby dG9vb2xudXQ » Mon, 04 May 2009 20:02:05 GMT

Try bookmarking your textboxes, one at a time:
1. select the the textbox or place the cursor at a nearby position
2. under the Insert tab, select "bookmark". give the bookmark a name, click 

After you're done bookmarking all your textboxes, use the Find tool, the Go 
To tab, select "Bookmark" in the "Go to what" list, then pick the name of the 
bookmark you want in the list that comes up. You may also go there from the 
Insert/Bookmark route.

Hope this helped.

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