Edit Picture (pasted from clipboard)



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Edit Picture (pasted from clipboard)

Postby russet32 » Sun, 11 Jul 2004 09:23:50 GMT

I've searched for an answer to this but the ones I've found don't
exactly work.  Let's say I have an app that is set at 640x480.  I want
to paste a screenshot into WinWord.  So, I Alt-PrtScn when it's
active, and paste it into WinWord.

Now here's the problem.  Let's say I want to extract the bitmap back
out, or just edit it a little with pixel resolution (i.e. get exactly
my same 640x480 back out).  If I right click on it, the "Edit Picture"
button is disabled.  Strangely enough, if the picture is very small,
the "Edit Picture" is enabled and launching it brings MS PaintBrush
(which is what I want for the bigger picture).

I'm guessing Microsoft is compressing larger images and making the
compression lossy.

I don't want lossy compression and I want to be able to edit the
original 640x480 painted image.  As it is now, I can't get back out
the same quality of the image I put in.  It's "lossy" (blah!).

Any ideas?  Thanks.

Re: Edit Picture (pasted from clipboard)

Postby macropod » Sun, 11 Jul 2004 16:00:52 GMT

Hi JR,

If you use Alt-PrtScn and paste into an app like MS Paint, you can edit the
image and save to disk. You can then embed/insert the saved image into Word.
If you insert as a link, you can then make further changes to the saved
image and have these reflected in the linked image in Word without having to
redo the image in Word.


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This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights. 

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