how do I change layout default



  • 1. How do I make pictures all the same size
    I'm creating a directory with pictures. It has 24 cells with a picture in a cell and name & number underneath. So 12 cells are pictures and 12 are info. Is there any way to make the pictures all the same size? Thanks
  • 2. Having trouble getting graphics to print on correct page
    My first real problem with Office 2007. When I print any document from Word in landscape, book fold, with the first page blank, the graphic on p. 1 prints on p. 2. In similar docs with graphics on both p. 1 and p. 2, the graphic for p. 2 prints on p. 1 and vice versa; the graphics on p. 3 prints on p. 4 and vice versa. Everything shows up great in print preview; docs just print wrong. Tried starting over, tried changing the pagination (my docs start w/ a blank p. 0), tried filling p. 0 w/ hard returns instead of page break, tried other ideas. When I print similar documents in "2 page per sheet," graphic prints in correct place. Got any idea on how to make Word 2007 work as well as Word 2002 did for printing these docs? I'm willing to send the docs to someone else to see if the problem can be replicated there.
  • 3. Why can't I insert pictures?
    Until recently I had no problems inserting images into my word documents. Now all that appears is an empty box with a black outline, which I don't seem to be able to edit in any way (move, scale etc). I originally thought that there may have been some hidden formatting in the documents, but I can't insert pictures into a new fresh document, using different images each time. Any tips? I'm pulling my hair out.
  • 4. default change in an autoshape permanent?
    How do I make a default change in an autoshape permanent? It goes back to the original default as soon as I close the document. example: I make a circle, change the "fill" option to "no fill" then click "set autoshape defaults" as long as I'm in that document, circles will have no fill. As soon as I leave the document and start another, it's back to circles that are filled in--my "no fill" default has disappeared! Thanks
  • 5. pictre
    i put some picture in microsoft and i did some change with thr picture,when i did change i cant save the pictre?

how do I change layout default

Postby Kozmo » Sun, 08 Feb 2004 08:57:00 GMT

I'm pasting a number of pics into a Word doc. (Office 2002, XP home
edition). I want them all a consistent size and layout. I'm having to change
each one at a time. Is there a way to change the default layout?

THank ye

Re: how do I change layout default

Postby Graham Mayor » Sun, 08 Feb 2004 15:36:20 GMT

Paste them into a table with fixed column width they will adapt to the width
of the table cells. Text boxes would work also.

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