How do I insert .gif file into a Word doc so it runs?



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How do I insert .gif file into a Word doc so it runs?

Postby U3VubG92ZXI » Fri, 21 Apr 2006 15:18:03 GMT

I have tried to Insert a .gif file using Picture/File/Object from the Insert 
menu. Often I get the file copied to the Word doc but it does not run (i.e. 
no movement). 
Can anyone tell me how this is done as "Help" is not specific regarding .gif 
files in particular?

Re: How do I insert .gif file into a Word doc so it runs?

Postby Jezebel » Fri, 21 Apr 2006 16:31:30 GMT

Animated GIFs don't work in Word documents.

Re: How do I insert .gif file into a Word doc so it runs?

Postby CyberTaz » Fri, 21 Apr 2006 19:09:15 GMT

I footnoted the acronym and explained it at the end of my reply, & it 
pertains to exactly what you *did* include in your second post but *didn't* 
include in your first :-)

This information is always helpful when you ask for help!
Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

Re: How do I insert .gif file into a Word doc so it runs?

Postby CyberTaz » Sat, 22 Apr 2006 00:08:40 GMT

As Jez sez, no animation in Word (DOV)[1], but you can go to File>Web Page 
Preview to view the doc in your Browser. The animation should perform there.

[1] New acronym: Depending On Version - I get soooo tired of typing that 
phrase ;-)

Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

Re: How do I insert .gif file into a Word doc so it runs?

Postby U3VubG92ZXI » Sat, 22 Apr 2006 00:29:02 GMT

Thanks for that Jez and Bob!! 

Bob, you said "Word (DOV)".    
I am using Micrisoft Office Word 2003 (11.5604.5606).
Is there a version of Word that I am able to use with .gif's or am I just 
misinterpreting you? If there is, where can I get it?

Chris (Sunlover)

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