Word 2003 graphics problem when using acrobat distiller.



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Word 2003 graphics problem when using acrobat distiller.

Postby TC5CLk5ld3M » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 23:45:01 GMT

I am currently running Word 2003 XP and using Acrobat Distiller 5.05.  I am 
suddenly having a problem with my graphics showing a 1% screen when I pdf the 
document using distiller.  I  used Word 2000 for 3 years with no problems, no 
1%screen.  All of the graphics in my manuals are created in Photoshop 6, are 
tiff files, and are black and white.  I've crused the adobe site to see if 
anyone else has seen something like this but got no hits.  Any ideas?  Is 
there a setting in 2003 I don't know about that compresses/modifies the 
graphics when they are inserted in or printed from Word 2003?  Any help would 
be great!

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DOCfilename = "I:\RPS & REO\BPO's\Word\" & Forms!frmBPOReview!Loan_Num
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PDFfilename = "I:\RPS & REO\BPO's\" & Forms!frmBPOReview!Loan_Num &
"_" & Forms!frmBPOReview!Address & "_" & Forms!frmBPOReview!Borrower &

'Here it calls an external procedure that captures the name 
'of the user's default printer so it can be restored afterwards.  
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lpReturnedString = String(100, " ")

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'Print to Postscript/Distiller file
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'Here's where it stops working.  I need to convert the file to PDF
'and kill the postscript file 
'I'll probably need to add something to kill the log file, too.
'It tries to run the code, but I get an error message 
'stating that another process has locked the file.
AcroDist.FileToPDF PSfilename, PDFfilename, ""
Kill PSfilename

'Reset default printer
Call SetDefaultPrinter(printer)

'Close Word, do not save document
objWord.ActiveDocument.SaveAs DOCfilename
If AppNotRunning = True Then
End If
----------------END OF CODE----------------

As the code notes state above, Distiller tries to covert the PS file
to PDF, but it can't continue because a process has it locked, and I
don't know why or which process.  I have tried saving and closing Word
before making the PDF conversion, but that didn't help.

Any help would be appreciated.  

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Is this note really saying I have to upgrade to 5.0 or 
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Adobe site that addresses this? (I can't).

Tony Chu

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