Problem Inserting Pictures



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Problem Inserting Pictures

Postby Tammy » Sat, 26 Jun 2004 22:53:54 GMT

I have a co-worker who cannot insert certain JPEG files 
into any Office XP program. When he tries to insert the 
picture, a box pops up and asks him to convert the file. 
He can insert the pictures into Publisher without a 
problem. He has experienced this problem on both his old 
computer and his new computer.

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1.Problem inserting picture

I work at school and the lab computers are setup in such a way that the 
students can not save to the local hard drive only a mapped network drive. 
When saving the default is to go to my documents the student get a warning 
box that says they are not allowed to save to the drive they click ok then 
navigate to a mapped drive to save.  The problem comes in when they want to 
insert a picture they should get the same warning but they do not so they 
can not click off it and go to a mapped drive.  It is like the warning is 
there but you can not see it at that point  word is frozen can can not do 
anything.  This only happens on HP NC6400 laptops we have many other HP 
desktops as well as Dells that are not effected. Oddly if you boot in to 
safe mode it works just fine.  I guessed that it must be something HP 
installed on the laptop that runs at start up but I turned off everything in 
msconfig uninstalled all the HP software and used Autoruns to see and turn 
off anything HP.

I was just hoping some one here would have an idea for me.  Office 2003 BTW. 

2.Problems inserting picture files in Vista MS Work Word Processor

I have recently encountered a problem inserting pictures into the MS Works 
Word Processor which I have not had before.  When I try to insert a jpeg, 
bitmap or any sort of picture file, the following message comes up:

"Works cannot insert the selected picture because the picture may not be in 
a format which can be supported by the Word Processor.  Save the pictute in 
another format, and then try inserting again."

This only happens when I use the Word Processor in my profile.  If I log 
onto my husband's profile, I can insert the exact same pictures normally.  
How can I fix this?

Really regret upgraded to Vista.

3.Problems inserting picture from scanner into WORD document.

I have a scanner (Canoscan N12402#2).Recently, whenever I 
try to insert a picture from it into a WORD document, 
only the 'Custom Insert' button is available and I much 
prefer to use the 'Insert' button because it is quicker!

The 'Insert' button worked perfectly well before, but 
now, it is unavailable! I would be most grateful if 
anyone can shed some light on this particular problem!!

Thank you!!

4.Problem inserting Picture links from various network shares Word 2

 I save a blank document on a network share say W:\test.doc I open this 
document and click nsert icturerom FileBrowse to my W:\ and find 
pic.jpg and choose nsertink to fileand save the document and close 
and reopen the file. I toggle LT F9and the linked picture appears fine. I 
decide to add another picture link for a file on the R:\ called pic2.jpg to 
the same document and follow the same instructions above. I save and close 
word, open the est.docagain and for some reason the linked file from R:\ 
just comes up as an empty box with the red microsoft in the top left 
corner, but pic.jpg looks great.

The file linked from W:\ has the following link code 
This works.  

The file linked from R:\ has the following link code
{INCLUDEPICTURE./../../reports$/pic2.jpg\*MERGEFORMAT \d }
This does not work.

the user has read/write access to both network shares

Any suggestions to this dilemma?

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Also, is there a way to make the background picture the same size as the page?

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