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Equations open as pictures

Postby Ken Crocker » Fri, 30 Jul 2004 02:01:34 GMT

Some equation I created with Equation Editor now only 
open as pictures, while others work correctly. What 

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1.Equation Editor equations turning into pictures

I have a document with several hundred equations in it.  When I opened
it today, the equations were all formated at pictures.  I can no longer
open them with equation editor.  Has anybody had this problem before?
Is there any way to get the "pictures" to turn back into equations?

2.MS Word equation editor won't open when double-clicking on an equation

Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Processor: Intel

I created a document (.docx) using the Office 2008 version of MS Word some time ago (2 months or so). Recently I wanted to correct an equation in that document and re-opened the document (on the same system and with the "same" copy of Word) and attempted to double-click the equation to edit it. Instead of the equation editor I get the "Format Picture" dialog box. In the interim I did install an update (I tend to try to stay up to date) and am at 12.2.4 (100205). <br><br>The application will let me create new equations just fine. How can I get my document back to an editable state?

3.equation editor 3 does not open equation created by editor 2

I cannot open equations created by equation editor 2 using equation editor 3. 
I get the error message "the server application, source file, or item cannot 
be found". Even converting does not work. However, i am able to craete new 
equations using equation editor 3.

4.Cannot Open Equations in MS Equation 2.0

Using Word 2000 I converted several WordPerfect documents that contained 
equations in Corel Equation Editor 2.0.  I was able to open and edit the 
equations in the finished Word 2000 document.  Since that time I upgraded to 
Word 2002.  I now cannot open, edit, or convert the equations in the 
previously prepared documents.  When I try to open or convert, Word returns 
the message:  The server application source file or item cannot be found."  
Right clicking identifies the object type as  Microsoft Equation 2.0. 

Same result using Word 2003.  I can open and edit the equations in Word 
2000, although I apparently can't convert them to MS Equation 3.0, which I 
would need to edit in Word 2002.  

If it were just a few equations I could re-enter.  However, I have over 100. 
 If anyone knows how I can edit or convert it would be a big help.  

5.Open Picture (Preview) v. Open Picture (For Editing)

I've just done a Windows Update for my wife (Anna) but one or two 
preferences have changed. For instance: Previously, I had setup Office so 
that when Anna opened a picture, the jpg (for example) opened into Picture 
and Fax Viewer (i.e. Preview). Then, if the Open for Editing icon was 
clicked, Office Picture Manager opened. Now, Picture and Fax Viewer opens 
pictures to Preview, but for Editing, Paint opens.

I've tried selecting Picture Manager with Open with/Always use this program, 
which works but Picture and Fax Viewer is by-passed (i.e. no Preview, just 
straight to Editing). I must have sorted this before, but I just can't 
remember how. Any ideas?



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