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  • 1. graphic displays yellowish on screen
    We're using Word 97 and Windows 98. On one computer when the user inserts a photo the photo looks yellow. On another computer, following the same steps, the same photo looks clear. Any ideas on what we need to check / change? Thanks in advance Bobbie
  • 2. wrap text round visible area of a graphic
    I've read the mvps file on this, but I can't make the instructions work. I use Word 2002. On the Text wrapping button (reached by a different route from that in your file) I don't see the option to "select Edit Wrap Points". Is this option available in Word 2002? -- _______________________________ Wendy R Fox 3 Shakespeare Gardens London N2 9LJ tel 020 8444 0521; fax 020 8374 5585 ______________________________
  • 3. creating a template in word from publisher
    i was wondering if you could help me and tell me IF there is a way to create a template in a workd document that was previously in a publisher document. if this is possible, how do you do it? i am more familiar with adobe products more so than office. this is for the university of cincinnati, so as soon as i could get this info, the better. thank you for your time. Amy Scheid

snap to grid

Postby cmVwdWJsaWNoaWs » Fri, 09 Feb 2007 01:21:00 GMT

I have turned off the snap-to option in the drawing toolbar, and my text 
boxes still snap to the sides of an object.  Using the alt key does not help 
either.  ARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Re: snap to grid

Postby garfield-n-odie [MVP] » Fri, 09 Feb 2007 04:37:00 GMT

Maybe because you are inserting the text boxes as "inline with text"?

RE: snap to grid

Postby UGVv » Sun, 11 Feb 2007 02:22:00 GMT

I solved a similar problem recently, and my solution may also help your 
problem: The snap grid spacing seemed to keep resetting to the default step 
size after I had set it to my preferred size.
Inside that dialog box about snap grid settings etc., there's a button in 
the lower left-hand corner saying "Standard...". By clicking this one after 
you've made your changes to the settings, you get the option to store the 
changes in the template, so that any new documents you create in 
the future will have your preferred snap-to and grid settings...
Can I run that on my trusty ol'''''''' Commodore 64...? ;-)

"republichik" skrev:

RE: snap to grid

Postby Y2hhbGxhIHByYWJodQ » Thu, 15 Feb 2007 17:37:24 GMT

Do the following:
1. Click the Draw button on the Drawing toolbar.
2. Click the Grid command
3. Under Snap to,  select Snap objects to grid check box.
4. Click the Deafult button.
A dialog box displays, prompting you whether you want the deafult settings 
for the gridlines?. Clicking Yes will affect all new documents based on the 
NORMAL Template. Likewise clicking Cancel will return to  Drawing Grid dialog 

Challa Prabhu

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