TOC includes graphics



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TOC includes graphics

Postby QmlnZ2xlcw » Sun, 11 Jul 2004 22:20:01 GMT

Hi, I have a document which I have just added some graphics to. The graphics created by insert, picture, autoshapes. When I update the TOC I get gaps in the TOC which seem to be the same size as the drawing canvases in the document. If I click on these gaps a rectangular outline appears filling the gap, with corner blocks, and blocks half way along each side, just like it is a blank graphic. Style is TOC3

RE: TOC includes graphics

Postby QmlnZ2xlcw » Sun, 11 Jul 2004 22:41:03 GMT

Forget this - I discovered that as I moved down through the document using cursor arrow keys, the offending graphics had no style attached to them. I think I created them all the same way, so don't know why some have a style and some not, but adding the Normal style fixed the problem

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