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  • 1. Pasting from Excel to Word
    We have some Excel charts with thousands of data points that we want to paste into Word. In order to reduce the file size, we have been using "Paste Special" and "bitmap" or "device independent bitmap" as the option. That would put a high-resolution bitmap into the Word file that would be much smaller in size than pasting as Windows MetaFile or something similar. And, it would still print nicely on laser printers. Lately, the "bitmap" option isn't really pasting a bitmap. It's pasting a WMF file (or something similar) that has all the data points and is very large in size. The high-resolution bitmap option seems to have disappeared. Any ideas on what might have changed? We've tried several different machines (all running Windows XP with Office 2003) and they're all exhibiting the changed behavior. If we try pasting the charts into PowerPoint, then copying them, and using the "Paste Special/bitmap" option into Word, we get a low-resolution (72- or 96-dpi) bitmap instead of the high-resolution bitmap previously available.
  • 2. how do I save text in a text box on top of a picture
    I am creating an invite in Word and I am using a pasted picture. When I use a text box to create the wording it does not save. When I cut and pate the picture with the text box I can not view the text. Please help. Laura
  • 3. Pasting between Powerpoint and Word in Office 2007
    Can I paste vector shapes/drawings from Powerpoint and still have them editable in Word? I keep getting a bitmap as the result, no matter what I do.
  • 4. How can I get % in a horizontal Autoformat bar chart not pt
    In Word, I have used Autoformat to do a horizontal bar chart so I can give a percentage score grapically. Initially when I started it came up as a percentage but now it seems to come up as a point (pt) in the size area when I want to change it. How can I change it back to % as I'm having to convert it from pt to a percentage every time I want to plot a score?
  • 5. Word 2007 - WMF's blocky in headers
    I have a logo in WMF file format. If I insert it into a header it looks fine. When I close "headers and footers" mode and return to edit the document text the logo appears blocky in the header. WMF is a vector file format so Word ought to be able to scale the graphic to any size. If I first save the document as a .doc (Word 97-2003 document) and then insert the WMF in the header it DOES NOT go blocky when I return to the main document text. Interestingly the docx file looks blocky on screen but prints out fine. Is this a bug? Is there any way I can work arround this problem?

WORD 2003 icons

Postby ACM » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 00:12:47 GMT


Would anyone be so kind as to post (email) their WORD 
2003 icons in either BMP or ICO formats?


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