Can I set a default color pallette in Word?



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    I had come up with a neat work-around for an old document management system that stored word documents in a database but not images. I would open Word (XP, 2003) and then use the insert scanned image menu choice to open the scanner dialog and scan the pages (1 or even multiple pages) right into the document. If the image was more than one page it even inserted the additional pages into new pages. Because I would set the margins very wide it worked nearly perfectly. But now that I got a new system with Vista and Office 2007 on it this no longer works. The insert scanned image has been move to the clip manager and if you try to insert a document image with more than one page it shows only the first. I really relied on this. I'm hoping someone has an idea that will help me work around this problem. Thanks!
  • 2. Select All doesn't select graphics in text boxes
    Background: * Using Word 2003 * All graphics are linked to the source files, not embedded * All graphics are in-line with text * Some graphics are inside text boxes I've found that "Select All" ignores the text boxes. So, when I press Ctrl+A and then F9 to update references, any graphics I have in those text boxes don't get updated. Is there an easier workaround than going through the file page by page, finding each text box, selecting the graphic in it, and updating it? Thanks
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    I am trying to get text in the shape of a circle... not 'in' a circle shape but like this: abc abcd abcdef abcd abc or something like this (could be a hexagon), but automatically shaped no matter how long the words are. I want the words in the shape to extend to the ends of the shape within the shape itself. If Word cannot do this, can another Office app and if so, how? Thanks, Rob
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    Hello, I've built several different detailed organizational charts in PowerPoint 2007 that has taken me days to accomplish. I've pasted them into Word 2007 without issues until I realized that it pastes the PowerPoint data in grouped format and I'm unable to ungroup it. If I ungroup the data in Powerpoint, select multiple objects, copy, and paste into Word, it's grouped as a single option and there is no option to ungroup. I need to hyperlink each imported object in word to bookmarks within the same document and cannot do so since it sees all of my objects as one entity. Is there any way to copy the data over and still retain ungrouped capabilties? I dread having to rebuild all of the charts from scratch within Words drawing canvas. Any help would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you, Golden

Can I set a default color pallette in Word?

Postby SnVzdGFDb3JwQ29tbXVuaWNhdG9y » Fri, 30 Jun 2006 21:00:02 GMT

I'd like to be able to define a default color pallette for text as well as 
graphics so that when I go to choose a color, I don't have to redefine the 
same custom colors I want to use over and over again. Can that be done?

Re: Can I set a default color pallette in Word?

Postby CyberTaz » Fri, 30 Jun 2006 22:11:57 GMT

That would have to be done through the use of Styles - creating a separate 
Style for each color. The color palette itself cannot be modified.
HTH |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

"JustaCorpCommunicator" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > 

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