Smart Art issues



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Smart Art issues

Postby VGluYSBHYXNwYXJk » Sat, 27 Oct 2007 05:02:36 GMT

I've been trying to create an organizational chart using the labeled 
hierarchy style. It has been giving me fits. The autofit feature (which is 
apparently turned on and I'm not allowed to disable) insists on only resizing 
horizontally, not vertically, which means that any adjustments just makes 
everything else smaller and I am unable to make fonts or shapes larger. Also, 
one small change further down the hierarchy resizes everything above it in a 
disproportionately large way.

Any ideas?

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I had the same problem when I saved the document as a .doc, which is the old file format. You need to save as docx. I think Word seals off the SmartArt functionality and treats it only as a picture after the save.

Unfortunately, even after re-saving the file as docx, I couldn't unlock the srmartart functionality, which Word now treats as a picture. SO you have to start again and save the file as docx from the start.

At least these were my findings... :-(

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