Why are my inserted drawings invisible in Word?



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    I've pasted a lot of screenshots to a word document. Now I want to reduce all pictures to a standard size (let's say 6cm/7cm). The only way I'm able to do this is by formating the pictures one by one. This cant be right ?! How do I format all the pictures to the same size? (Remember that the pictures were pasted directly to the document) Thanks! PS: I'm using Office 2003 (but I think the the other office versions have the same problem)
  • 2. Unwanted highlight around inserted graphics
    I've upgraded to Word 2002 running on Windows NT. Now, when I insert a graphic its boundries appear gray - similar to what a highlighted field code looks like. When in print preview the "highlight" does not appear. I don't want this highlight to appear, since most people will read my documents in print preview mode and the highlight is annoying. Besides, when there is an inserted Visio drawing in the document, Word doesn't highlight objects that don't have a fill applied, which makes the graphic look incorect when it is not How can I turn off this new and very annoying feature?
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    Dear Group. Can someone please help me out here (I think this is a tough one) I work with road maps very often. The maps are scaled in 1:200 and I open them as pictures in word documents. I then draw (by hand) cars, busses, people and several other things on the map. It would really make my day a lot easier, if I could do this in word. I tried auto shape, and it would work out perfect if... 1. Can I create my own symbols (auto shape), and import them, so that they are accessible through the auto shape menu ? 2. Is it possible to "lock" the symbol (auto shape) so I won't accidently stretch it (and loose the 1:200 scale), but still be able to rotate it? 3. Is it possible to create a measuring device (a ruler, line or so), enabling me to measure the distance between things on the map(given my 1:200 scale, and measured in meters)? I know this is somewhat a shot in the dark, but I would really appreciate your answer. Thanks a lot. Allie.... Note... I got sick of all the spam mail, so my e-mail listed here does not work, sorry.
  • 4. Picture object change not seen i document
    When I change an existing picture the change is not seen when I close the picture window. In the word document my original picture is seen. When I open the picture again the revised picture is still seen. Strange and annoying. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    I have inserted a picture, select Format Picture > Layout but all the options (like square, tight etc are grayed out). Any ideas?

Re: Why are my inserted drawings invisible in Word?

Postby CyberTaz » Fri, 26 Jan 2007 01:53:10 GMT

Tools>Options>View - check the box for Drawings, remove the check for 
Picture Placeholders (if it's checked).

If that isn't it you'll need to supply a more accurate description of where 
you're drawing, what "Insert" button you're clicking, and what version of 
Word you're using.
HTH |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

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