where is box to put "words to search for" ?



  • 1. captions are suddenly text boxes?!?
    I am inserting captions to label figures. All was fine for the first 30 or so. Suddenly, when I insert the caption, it appears as a text box. I don't know how to change the setting back to what it was. Help!
  • 2. Rotate clipart
    I move between two PC's depending on which is available. One has Word 2000 and one has Word 2002. On the 02 machine, I can highlight an inserted clipart and hit the 'rotate left' button. On the 2k machine, I highlight the clipart, but the 'rotate left' button is grayed out. Any idea what I need to do to rotate the image in 2k? thanks ron j.
  • 3. graphics-only page
    All Word drawing objects must have an anchor (a paragraph). But how do I put one big picture on a page without any text? Word takes one line from my text, puts this single line on a new page and covers it with the image. This efficiently hides a line from text and should be avoided. Embedded objects generally tend to jump around in my documents. I do not have any knowledge howto attach images to documents. As a programmer/HW designer, I frequently need to prepare documents, diagrams describing my designs. Are there any good guidelines on the net about making good-looking documents and illustrations, about positioning graphics in text?
  • 4. background will not insert on webpage / webview
    i cannot get backgrounds to insert (or show) via "format:background:fill effects:texture" in word. works on school pc's but not mine. view is set to webview. any ideas would be appreciated!
  • 5. drawing lines, arrows, etc.
    Our office recently switched to Word 2002. In previous versions, when using the drawing toolbar to draw lines, arrows, etc., clicking on the Line icon, for example, would change the cursor to a "+", which could then be dragged to create the desired line. Now when I click on the Line icon a large box opens up with "Create your drawing here." written in it. This box covers up existing text and sometimes moves text around. How can I prevent this box from appearing when all I want to do is draw a line?

where is box to put "words to search for" ?

Postby RGVubmlz » Wed, 18 Nov 2009 01:35:01 GMT

trying to find documents with specific words????

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