Mail Merge from data in excel to word document.



  • 1. How to change path to mailmerge excel data source?
    Hi all, I have a word mailmerge document that is linked to an excel data source. Everytime the excel data is updated, a VBA macro starts the mailmerge process to create the output document. My problem now is that different users have to use this from different locations so the even though the relative path between the excel sheet and the word document is the same, the absolute path differs because of different localizations and drive names. I am now looking for a way how to make this location-independent. I tried the OpenDataSource method from the macro but then I get asked to select which sheet to use. Are there other ways that work with DDE? I can not create ODBC datasources on each system. It should work with at least Word XP / Word 2002 if possible also Word 2000. Best regards, Reiner Buehl.
  • 2. Mail Merge is extremly slow in WIndows XP....
    I have a letter in Word that I merge with a Database in Excel on a daily base. The database has thousands of records. Before Windows XP I could find a record in a matter of seconds and merge my letter. Now it takes minutes to find the record. I could type the informtion faster. However, that defeats the purpose of the mail merge. I have tried moving the data to a Word document and merge it fron there, but it makes no difference. Does any one know why this has happened and how it can be fixed?
  • 3. Mail merge keeps asking for data source
    I have created a word document in word 2000 for mail merge. This datasource points to a query in MS Access 2000. In Access 2000 i have written code to open the word document. This worked perfectly in the 97 version. When i hit the button to open the document, it keeps asking me for a datasource name. The datasource already exists. I don't know why it does this? Any suggestions?
  • 4. No Images Received in Email Merge
    I have a html word doc. with a few scattered pics for an bulk email to my customers. When I send it directly out of word to my personal email it opens perfectly with images and all, but when I send it out as a mail merge, it disregards the images and sends text only. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! David

Mail Merge from data in excel to word document.

Postby S2Fycmll » Fri, 11 Nov 2005 00:02:01 GMT

I have an excel database which I am trying to merge into a letter.  However 
where I have used a date and formatted the cells correctly for English date 
in excel they change to American in the word document.  I have also used a 
funtion to show day of the week and this changes to a date.  Can anyone help. 

Re: Mail Merge from data in excel to word document.

Postby Anne Troy » Fri, 11 Nov 2005 00:47:02 GMT

Try this, Karrie:
Anne Troy

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