Mail merge selects wrong data



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Mail merge selects wrong data

Postby Simonb » Mon, 08 Mar 2004 20:37:10 GMT

Hope this query makes sense - my first post..

I'm using Word2003 mail merge to add address block into 
standard letters. Data source is Excel 2003 XLS, & I'm 
using "advanced" filter facility within mail merge.

At step 3 of 6, I browse to correct tab within XLS and 
all data is displayed correctly. I then select "advanced" 
filtering in column headings, because I want selection: 
col A = "N" AND col B = blank AND col C = not blank.

Data is filtered correctly, so I press OK and carry on 
with mail merge. At step 5 I find that too many records 
have been selected because the filter table has been 
corrupted - for example it now says col B = blank AND col 
B = not blank, so it selects nearly all records!

Any suggestions? My only workaround suggestion is to use 
Excel to do the filtering, then copy the filtered data to 
another tab and merge without using the WORD2003 filters.

Any other ideas? I'll be very grateful for any 

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Not sure if this will help, but when merging from Excel make sure you only 
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Hope this is helpful for you 

"Sam" wrote:

> Hi there!
> I just wanted to set up labels for a mail merge and when I browse for the 
> database, for some reason I cannot use my database (excel). I can choose the 
> file, select the table but then again another "select table" window opens 
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> Any suggestions? I used the same format yesterday with a different excel 
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> Thanks a lot,
> Sam

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Im pretty desperate, so if you can help please do !!!!


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