Reading a word document into a string c#



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Reading a word document into a string c#

Postby Tim McOwan » Fri, 06 Jan 2006 18:15:59 GMT

Hi All,

Don't know if this is the right newsgroup but I need the ability to read the 
contents of a word document into a string using C# (but any .NET examples 
would be great)

Please help.


Re: Reading a word document into a string c#

Postby Cindy M -WordMVP- » Sat, 07 Jan 2006 23:08:23 GMT

Hi Tim, 

Well, taken absolutely literally, that would go something like this (off the 
top of my head, so syntax errors are possible!)

word.document doc = wdapp.ActiveDocument;
string s = doc.Content.Text

this will capture all TEXT in the body of the document - not headers, footers, 
footnotes, anything in text boxes, etc. If you need that, then you also need to 
loop through the StoryRanges. For more on that, including sample (VBA) code, 
look up StoryRange, StoryRanges and all related topics in the object model 

Note that this is most decidedly NOT the best place to ask, as this group is 
aimed at end-users :-) One of the office.developer newsgroups would be more 
appropriate or, at a pinch a word.vba group.

Cindy Meister
INTER-Solutions, Switzerland
 http://www.**--****.com/ (last update Jun 8 2004)

This reply is posted in the Newsgroup; please post any follow question or reply 
in the newsgroup and not by e-mail :-)

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