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apply a template to existing documents

Postby Bubba Gump Shrimp » Fri, 29 Jul 2005 01:17:04 GMT

sorry I previously posted with the wrong subject.

ok, per instructions on Suzanne Barnhill's site, I've been able to create a
letterhead template that has a header and footer only on page three of a
blank document and subsequent pages will not have the header and footer.

Now I'll tell you what we're trying to do. We've just converted from Word
Perfect to word and have a lot of word documents that we call "reports" that
we mail out. Page1 is a cover page, page2 is a table of contents, page3
begins an analysis that will go on for roughly 4 pages. What I need to do is
somehow convert all of these pre-existing reports to use my newly created
template so the existing page3 ends up in my template where i have the
header and footer on page 3.

I tried to open my template, choose insert file and choose one of the
existing reports and all it did was push my 3 page template to the end.
Ooops. I also tried templates and add-ins from tools but can't figure out
how to make that work either. Certainly there's a way to apply a template to
an existing document.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Re: apply a template to existing documents

Postby Daiya Mitchell » Fri, 29 Jul 2005 02:30:27 GMT

You apply a template to an existing document by using Tools | Templates and
Add-ins and attaching a different template.

However, that will *only* update styles--it will not change any layout or
text elements, so it doesn't sound like it will do what you want.

I'm not totally clear on what you want the end result to be, but I suspect
copying and pasting the text of old report into a new doc based on the
template and saving it as new report is going to get you there (don't copy
over the last paragraph mark in the old report).  Alternatively, redo the
template process in the old report.

Depending on how many reports you have, work out the best way to get what
you want with one of them, then ask about best ways to automate that

Also, these links might not have the answer to your specific question, but
you will probably find them very useful as you switch from WordPerfect to

How Word differs from WordPerfect

Some Tips and "Gotchas" for those who are new to Word
Especially if migrating from WordPerfect

Is There Life After "Reveal Codes"?

WordPerfect to Word converters (and why none of them are perfect)

Daiya Mitchell, MVP Mac/Word
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MacWord Tips: < http://www.**--****.com/ ;
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Re: apply a template to existing documents

Postby Charles Kenyon » Sat, 30 Jul 2005 00:46:24 GMT

aiya has already answered your specific question.

Here is some general info on moving from Word Perfect to Word:

Word and Word Perfect work very differently from one another. Each program's
methods have strengths and weaknesses; but, if you try to use one of these
programs as if it were the other, it is like pushing on a string! You can
easily make a lot of extra work for yourself. If you are unwilling to take
the time to learn to use Word's methods, you should stick to using Word Pad.
You'll have a lot less grief, although you'll miss out on a lot of raw
power. In the (short) long term spending the time to learn Word will save
you time if you are spending any time at all (more than an hour a day) using

for information on Word for Word Perfect users.

For more:

Function Keys

In Word 2000 (or later) You can get the function keys to display in a
special toolbar at the bottom of the screen if you want (something like
pressing F3 twice in WP). The following macro will do this.
Sub ShowMeFunctionKeys()
Commandbars("Function Key Display").Visible = True
End Sub

Word's Extend key (F8) gives something similar to block processing.

Formatting and Styles

Learn about Styles - really learn! I resisted for years and now
regret every day of those years because although that string was still very
hard to push, it kept getting longer and longer, and had some very important
projects tied to it! Once you understand styles and the Word concept of
organizing things into Chinese boxes everything falls into place and instead
of pushing a string, you can push a button that turns on the very powerful
text processing machine known as Microsoft Word and it will start doing your
work for you instead of running around behind you trying to undo what you
just thought you did.

Converting documents Word / Word Perfect

Some special characters in Word Perfect documents don't convert well to
Word. There is a macro to assist with this described at and can be found
This was prepared by Edward Mendelson.
Otherwise, look at the macro from
Use these on _copies_!

As for converting documents from Word Perfect to _use_ in Word... In a word,
don't plan on it. I would not recommend using converted documents long-term.
They will be filled with formatting anomolies that will get you at the worst
time. This is especially true of any documents containing automatic
numbering or bullets. Try recreating form documents in Word using the
following pro

Similar Threads: do i apply .dot template to existing document in word?

same as changing a .css stylesheet on a web page, I have about 50 docs that 
have all been done in lots different styles. 

want to apply the one .dot template i have made, and make all the other docs 
take on the characteristics. in other words, apply the formatting of this 
template to the existing docs.

it's nowhere to be found in the helps - HELP! ; ) way to apply a new template to an existing document

Hi, everyone,

Our organization just released new (revised) Word templates and I'm 
looking for recommendations for how users can  convert old documents to 
use the new design. (I've got to document these recommendations. When 
I've had to do these conversions, it was often a time-consuming thing 
and the thoughts of documenting that make me cringe. I'm 
wondering--hoping--that there is some shortcut that I'm missing, some 
Word magic that I don't know about. :-)

The revisions to the templates affect a wide range of Word elements: new 
graphic files have been added (old ones removed); new sections have been 
added (old ones deleted); basic page setups for each section have been 
redefined, and Styles have been altered (existing Styles have been 
modified, new Styles have been added, obsolete Styles have been deleted).

I know that a user can simply attach the new template to an existing 
Word file, but this doesn't address all of the issues, at least I don't 
think it does.

When I've converted from the old format (a doc using the old template) 
to the new format (having that doc use the new template), I've just 
opened a copy of the template and then cut/pasted from the old 
document--bit by bit--into the new file. Even then, I seem to always 
have to manually fix some footers or headers here/there and then tend to 
Style issues. But doing it that way at least ensures that section breaks 
and associated definitions stay put.

After sitting in on a PowerPoint old-template --> new template 
conversion process, it seems that PPT handles this process more easily. 
Maybe it's just an illusion, though. Still, after watching that, I 
thought I should ask if there is some magic behind or quick method of 
getting a Word file to recognize an entirely new template layout. Any ideas?

3.Apply template to existing document

Is there a way to apply a template I created to an existing document in Word 
2007? I have extensive Track Changes in the document and am afraid if I 
transfer (copy & paste) the document to the new template that I'll lose the 
changes I've already made. Thanks!

4.Applying templates to existing documents

At my work I create multi-page documents that need to evolve thru
different template attributes during its creation.  I'm looking for a
way to apply different template attributes to a document rather than
cut-and-paste the text into different templates.

Here is my situation;
A document is first created using the "Normal" template.  The text will
then need to be printed using a template that has a "DRAFT" watermark.
After more changes are made the text finally goes to a template that
has the company letterhead, printed and sent to the client.

I've been working on this problem for a while but I have not found an
obvious solution.  Is this even possible?  Thanks for any help you can

5.Applying a new template to an existing document

> I know this has to be an easy thing to do, but I can't figure it out!  <br>
>  <br>
> I have an existing document with the Spring newsletter template applied. All I want to do is apply the Fall Newsletter template to this existing document. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to do this. <br>
>  <br>
> Thanks, <br>
> dp <br><br>See the help for "The styles in my document don't update when I modify an attached template"

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