Disappearing code



  • 1. How to automatically copy text entered in a field elsewhere
    I want to automatically copy text that I have typed into a field elsewhere in the document. The field is a "MACROBUTTON DoFieldClick" wherein the specific info is a "Name" that I've entered. How do I automatically repeat that "Name" elsewhere in the document without having to retype it after entering it in the first field? Thanks!
  • 2. Determine the validity of a range name
    I have a number of named ranges in a spreadsheet and I want to verify whether or not a generated name is a valid named range within the worksheet. I tried this: For each name in Application.names if name = testname then... but... name comes up as the cell range not the name it was given. How do I check to see if a range name is valid?
  • 3. Tabbing Around In Userform Problem
    Hello- I have set up a user form in Word2007 that has six frames, each with multiple text boxes in them. The user form activates when the template is opened. The user can use the tab key to go to each question (normal) except when it gets to a specific text box, the tab key places the cursor into a text box that has already been answered (instead of the next box). Any help is appreciated and if you'd like to see the document, let me know. Thanks.
  • 4. Capture keystroke to close Word doc?
    I have a VB6 application (personal use only, not going to be distributed) that opens Word documents (Word 2000) that I select. When the Word file opens, Word become the active application (of course), covering the VB app form. I would like to somehow be able to close the Word file with a single keystroke - any keystroke, really, because I don't want to make changes to these docs while the VB app is running. I already have a keystroke-capture routine in the VB app, but that goes to the background and is unavailable when the Word doc opens. I can't program the "doc.close" into Word without affecting Word in general, unless I can somehow set something the detects the VB app and "If this then close Word on any keystroke"? Or open the Word doc and then make VB the active app without showing the form? Any suggestions? Ed

Disappearing code

Postby a2lsbF9iZWFzdA » Wed, 17 Sep 2008 01:33:01 GMT

I had a Word template with some form fields.

I used the Visual Basic editor to write some macro code for when the 
document closes.

I did a Save As and saved the template as a new name.

When I open that template, I can't find the macro code, as if it just 

Am I doing something wrong?

Re: Disappearing code

Postby Jonathan West » Wed, 17 Sep 2008 05:50:38 GMT

You're probably putting the code into normal.dot. This article may help you.

Distributing macros to other users

Jonathan West - Word MVP
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