Is it possible to code a twain interface with vba?

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Is it possible to code a twain interface with vba?

Postby QWxleGFuZHJl » Wed, 12 May 2004 06:01:03 GMT


1. I am hoping to code a macro with vba (that stands for visual basic editor right?) that will allow me to get documents from a scanner (twain interface) programaticaly. Can vba allow me to do this

2. If not, is it possible to code a c/c++ program that will work "embedded" with infopath. (like a dll that gets executed by infopath

thanks for informatio

Alexandre Harvey-Tremblay.

Re: Is it possible to code a twain interface with vba?

Postby Mike Walker » Sun, 16 May 2004 08:06:22 GMT

Hi Alexandre
editor right?) that will allow me to get documents from a scanner (twain
interface) programaticaly. Can vba allow me to do this?

vba stands for Visual Basic for Applications edition which is a subset of
the VB language - There are a lot of third party controls that would allow
you to manipulate through a control twain controls
sell these type of things

"embedded" with infopath. (like a dll that gets executed by infopath)

Infopath has vb script interfaces I think that is not as rich but could
shell an external application I suppose but i am not quite sure what you are
trying to achieve, I know there is a new sp1 with some enhancements to the
programming interfaces for infopath which is a good thing but not worked
that heavily in infopath and not sure on your complete solution requirements


Mike Walker
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