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Enabling Macros

Postby MickeyR » Sat, 15 May 2004 04:54:38 GMT

I have successfully written hundreds of lines of VBA for 
Excel that do all kinds of useful things.  Now I am trying 
to write some VBA in PowerPoint but it keeps telling me 
that macros are not enabled even though I have dropped the 
security level to low.  How do I enable macros in 
PowerPoint or Access?  I have written some code, but I 
can't run it.

Re: Enabling Macros

Postby Mike Walker » Sun, 16 May 2004 07:47:31 GMT

You don't say which version of Powerpoint or Access you are running but both
have different potential issues, the first is powerpoint if you are running
2003 then the tools -> Macro -> security will have the settings if you set
this low and it doesn't help then you may have a policy applied by your
administrator that can force this to stay high without any choice.

Access is the same menu structure in 2003 and has a prompt dialog when you
open up a database with macro/vba in it warning you. If you want to enable
this by some security measure you would have to sign your code and then
trust this signature.


Mike Walker
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