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Excel XP save as website - problem with hyperlinks

Postby phil » Fri, 16 Apr 2004 20:03:31 GMT

I recently created a fairly large spreadsheet where I Save 
As a Website and it creates a fully linked xlHTML website 
using the hyperlinks from the spreadsheet.  This worked 
fine in Excel 2000.

I have tried producing the same thing in Excel 2002 and 
this does not work.  When I open the resulting xlHTML file 
the links do not work.  For example, instead of linking to 
the correct sheet in the file that Excel creates when it 
produces the site, it instead tries to always link to 
sheet001 followed by a #[name of sheet it should be 
linking to] - so it thinks that the sheet I am trying to 
link to is a reference tag on the first sheet of the 

Anyone come across this and know a way around it? Much 

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