How do I create a data-entry form?

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How do I create a data-entry form?

Postby dmFuZXNzYQ » Sat, 20 Sep 2008 03:00:05 GMT

I have about 10 different documents that use for each of my clients who i 
send various of their clients letters.  I know there has got to be someway to 
set it up so that I can have all 10 pages in one saved document and use a 
command like F3 or something and data entry the information and print out 
which client that it corresponds to...  but how do I get started?  I tried a 
mail merge but I seem to be driving away from what I need done.  If I am 
close to explaining what I need, please let me know... I am at a lost right 

Thank you.


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