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Office 2007 with Infopath 2003

Postby TWF1cmljZQ » Thu, 16 Apr 2009 09:06:06 GMT

Presently working with Office Pro 2003 on Vista Ultimate.  I have Office Pro 
2007.  If I install it how can I maintain Infopath 2003 and minimize 
conflicts or problems.  Guidance sought

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Hello all,

There are similar posts to mine but with no answer, so rather than dig up an 
old post I'll try to explain in detail what the exact problem is.

I am running Outlook 2007 and Infopath 2003. I have a submit button in an 
InfoPath form, that when pressed it supposed to send the Infopath form as an 
e-mail to the specified role/email address. The problem is that when I 
publish the form to a shared location and press the button, I receive the 
following message:

InfoPath cannot submit the form.
Some rules were not applied.

>>show details
 "InfoPath cannot submit the form.
An error occurred while the form was being submitted.
To use this feature, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 must be set as the 
default e-mail program."

Outlook 2007 is set as my default e-mail program, verified by creating a 
simple html file with a mailto: link and outlook opened when clicked.

I have also tried "infopath /cache clearall" as was suggested in another 
forum but to no avail.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it'd be appreciated.


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already in use, using Infopath 2003. I am now developing some forms using 
Infopath 2007. Can both the versions be opened without any issues?

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