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OST file in different domain

Postby GoodOne » Sat, 29 Jan 2005 15:32:34 GMT

To cut a long story short, a new server was installed with SBS and the old
replaced, and even though we gave the domain the same name, clients saw it
as a new domain and therefore all outlook emails, tasks etc were lost (it
was not synchronising to an exchange).

Question is, I still have the original OST file but if I try to connect to
it by replacing the new OST file with it a message displays:

'the file c:\......\Outlook.ost cannot be accessed because it has been
configured for use with a different mailbox'.

Is there a way to import the contents into my new OST file or am I doomed to
a painfully slow death?

Any help appreciated


Re: OST file in different domain

Postby Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] » Sun, 30 Jan 2005 00:07:53 GMT

Yes - and the server, and all user accounts, computer accounts, have
different SIDs, even if they look the same to your eye.

Not sure what you mean - your mailbox data was on the server, and was not
restored/migrated to the new Exchange server? That's not good! Or have I

In the future, make sure you sync all OST files, etc., to the server before
doing any sort of migration like this...and make sure nobody uses their
offline data at all for the duration.

Yep. See the "SID" comment above...

There are a couple of possibilities - some are $$$....

1) Create a new profile and configure it for offline folder usage
2) Logon to the new profile and get it to sync one time
3) Close Outlook
4) Break network connection
5) Replace OST in new profile with the OST you need to access
6) Start Outlook in offline mode
7) Export the items to a PST

- Or google for OST2PST

- Or see www.exchangerecovery.com

Also note - Outlook questions are best asked in microsoft.public.outlook -
and since this concerns Exchange, also note

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many thnaks


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