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  • 1. need info for school
    i am working on a project. I want to install office 2003 on 14 computers. Do i need a site liscense? Do i need a copy for each?
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    TRying to locate where I can download teh Camcorder. . Running Windows XP at home
  • 3. office profesional 2003 evaluation kit
    Order ID: K0N3C6BR7XNS8HL34H9XQHMW80 Items: Product: Office Professional 2003 Evaluation Kit Quantity: 1 Order Total: US$13.90 I ordered this kit and have not yet recieved it I beleive I paid more for it to sent express, I know you don't / can't expect much for $14.00 but I did not expect to get hornswaggled either , and now Microsoft want $249.00 for me to write them a e-mail,to find, out where my kit is? what is really going on here. I trust them. so now I have to give them more trust! I hoe some at microsoft is reading this and gives me some kind of input . prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated
  • 4. PBM: Office 2000 Server Extensions do not install properly
    Hi. I'm trying to install Office 2000 Server Extensions (not Sharepoint) on a W2K machine that already has FP2000 and FP2002 Server Extensions. When I launch SETUPSE.EXE, even with command line argument /nd, I don't get the configuration wizard but I get an error message saying the administration software and server extensions are incompatible, administration software is obsolete. I looked further and found that message is due to a program called CFGWIZ.EXE that is located in Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\40\bin. Argument is /pkg "Office 2000 Server Extensions". Can someone help me configuring OSE database, please? Vince C.
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    when tyring to insert clipart into a word document in a user profile a message appears saying database must be unlocked. When the continue button is pressed the unlock fails. Is there a fix for this?

office xp - outlook

Postby heide » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 04:49:18 GMT

I would need help in changing the fonts for the screen 
tips and status bar in Outlook.

Re: office xp - outlook

Postby SA » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 09:37:51 GMT

Tool Tip fonts (font and size) are controlled by Windows itself.  These can
be set by opening the display control panel and on the appearance tab (Win
9x/Me/NT) or the Advance options from the Appearance tab (Win 2K /Xp) select
the tool tip item and set the font and size you desire.

Menu fonts are also controlled in the same location; however, I have no idea
where you can status bar fonts.

Steve Arbaugh

Re: Office XP - Outlook

Postby Anonymous Sender » Thu, 08 Jan 2004 05:33:33 GMT

Is this forum here just for you to spam your products
or can you offer a REAL solution.  If someone asks "Is there
anybody out there who knows about a program that I can BUY to
do x y z ...", then it's okay to spam that person.  But,
unsolicited spam ads of your products is not the way to
be a good netizen.  As an MVP, you should know this.

Shame shame

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Re: Office XP - Outlook

Postby Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] » Thu, 08 Jan 2004 11:47:02 GMT

Um, he is not an Outlook MVP - I am unaware of any award recently granting
him MVP status. I may be mistaken (I do not frequent the private MVP groups
much) but I don't think he is an MVP.

Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact.  Due to
the SWEN virus, all mail sent to my personal account will be deleted
without reading.

After searching and finding no answer, Anonymous Sender

| Is this forum here just for you to spam your products
| or can you offer a REAL solution.  If someone asks "Is there
| anybody out there who knows about a program that I can BUY to
| do x y z ...", then it's okay to spam that person.  But,
| unsolicited spam ads of your products is not the way to
| be a good netizen.  As an MVP, you should know this.
| Shame shame
| In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

|| Frank,
||   What you are describing is a bug in Microsoft Outlook.  You can
|| change the print format to plain text, and then the icons will show
|| up.
||   After a while, that becomes a bother.  So I have written two
|| Outlook 2000/2002 add-ins that have to do with printing.  One will
|| automatically print incoming or outgoing email messages.  You can
|| optionally choose to print the attachments or not (but the attachment
|| filenames and the total count of the attachments is always printed).
|| It's called Auto Print.
||   The other is called Print On Demand.  It installs two buttons in
|| your email viewer.  The first button prints the email including the
|| number of attachments and the names of the attachments.  The second
|| button prints just the attachments.  You can find them both at
||  http://www.**--****.com/ .
||   Hope this helps!
||   Mike Sperry
||    http://www.**--****.com/ 
||   Find 27 Outlook add-ins that can make a difference
|| Note: This problem (and other Outlook printing problems) were
|| recently
|| documented at
||  http://www.**--****.com/ 

||| When I print an e-mail message, I would like to have the
||| message include the name of the attachment file sent or
||| received (Attachment listing (JohnQPublic Letter.doc),
||| not the actual attachment itself).
||| Example:
||| From: John Q.
||| To: Frank Adams
||| Subject: See attached John Q Document.
||| Attachments:  JohnQPublic Letter.doc

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