do I need to notify you of my new email address ?

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  • 1. regain an original modified file
    I deleted some of my assignment to do a word count on the piece i was writing i forgot to press edit undo and started typing. i tried to undo the work and it wouldn't let me undo it. I went to close the document and it asked if i wanted to save changes i said no and opened the file back up and the original whole document wan't there just the text i'd got the word count on. Is there any way i can retrieve the lost work.
  • 2. Office 12 beta causes performance issue with USB Host Controller
    I am running Vista Beta 2 build 5384 with all updates, and when I install Office 12 my mouse stops working sporadically due to a problem between Office 12 and my USB Host Controller. I've tried both the default host controller as well as several versions of the VIA 4 in 1 drivers none of which seem to work together. I was hoping maybe someone else had run across this problem and might have some insight as to how I might install at least part of office (word and outlook at the least) and still have a functioning mouse. (without going back to a PS2 mouse). Vista Beta 2 5384 AMD 1.83 Athlon 2500+ Barton Asus A7v600 1gig DDR 80 gig IDE WD ATI 9600 64 meg
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    Since MS discontinued the MS Photo Editor, I do not know how to get the screenshots back out of Word documents. What I used to do: 1. I made a full screen shot with the print key. 2. I inserted it in a word document. Word resizes it to only 36% (1600x1050), but any resolution above 1024px will do for this experiment. 3. Later I marked the picture and "paste as new" in MS Photo Editor. I then had the original screenshot. --- Today: 3. A) I marked the picture and pasted in MS Picture Manager. The picture has 36% of its size like in word and is not readable. 3. B) I resized the picture in Word to 100%, copied and pasted then. The picture looses its sharpness and is only half the size! How do I extract a Screenshot from a word document without MS Photo Editor? regards Achim
  • 4. Want to upgrade
    My computer came with MS Office 2003 Basic installed. I bought MS Office 2003 Small Business "upgrade" software, but it won't allow me to install, because it is looking for Office 97 or 2000 and can't find it. How can I upgrade from Basic to Small Business with the package I bought? -- synergytfelice
  • 5. InfoPath 2007 Beta: Template Download
    I would like to downnload an IP 2003 template but I'm receiving an error message indicating that I do not have IP 2003 on my PC, which is in fact true. I do however have IP 2007 Beta. When I attempted to download a OneNote 2003 template I got the same error but it gave me the option of downloading the file separately & extracting on my PC. Is there no way I can download the IP 2003 template? Thanks.

do I need to notify you of my new email address ?

Postby TG91 » Wed, 30 Nov 2005 01:40:09 GMT

my email address has changed to:  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  and my address also 
changed to
6623 Donelson Cir N.W.
Canton, Ohio 44708

RE: do I need to notify you of my new email address ?

Postby Sm9Bbm4gUGF1bGVzIFtNU0ZUIE1WUF0 » Wed, 30 Nov 2005 01:46:02 GMT

This is an **excellent** example of what to do if you want trouble! Geez, why 
not post your home phone number, drivers license number, and social security 
number while you're at it. Top it all off with your credit card numbers and 
you're set for life.

JoAnn Paules
MVP Publisher

Re: do I need to notify you of my new email address ?

Postby bxb7668 » Wed, 30 Nov 2005 01:56:30 GMT

You will now start receiving LOTS of spam to that e-mail address.  You 
should never post any of your addresses to a public newsgroup. The 
spammers troll them for such information.  Have fun.


RE: do I need to notify you of my new email address ?

Postby TG91 » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 06:10:02 GMT

Dear JoAnn, when I wrote this email I thought this was to Microsoft 
technicians and not a publicly viewed web site. That was my first mistake. 
The next time you come to a hospital, I hope the nurse or Dr. that explaines 
everything to you about your illness or surgery uses mecial terminology and 
makes you feel stupid too. Your communication skills suck and I'll not make a 
second mistake on this web site because I'll never use it again. Thanks for 
your help , GREAT job !! 

Re: do I need to notify you of my new email address ?

Postby JoAnn Paules [MVP] » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 07:56:32 GMT

When I go to the doctor and he uses terminology I don't understand, I look 
it up when I get home, assuming I haven't done so beforehand. And HIPAA 
protects my PHI within reason. If I post my email address I make sure I know 
where it's going. And if I don't, I use a dummy address like  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  
or the like. And I'm even more cautious about my home address.


JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]

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