cant use office after XP Repair

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  • 1. project
    i was wondering if anyone could help me. i am doing a project for university which requires me to design a system for 20 workstations but i cannot find out how much it would cost for office xp pro for 20 users! can anyone help?
  • 2. How do I get help?
    I am trying to use "Microsoft InfoPath Help" (F1). It keeps forcing me to go to a registration page. I do not want to register. Even if I did, there is no way to get the "I Accept" button to enable. I have only been programming for 25 years, so I am not yet advanced enough to appreciate the genius of making getting help so much more complicated and bureaucratic.
  • 3. How do i add a Google verifcatn meta tag in Office Live Web Design
    I believe Google tells ya to put it in the root folder.
  • 4. Need to recover data from Outlook but program won't stay open...
    Help! Recently my computer suffered a hardware malfunction and I thought all my data had been lost. Turns out the hard drive was intact but some components in the screen were screwed. I was relieved to discover that my data was intact and had asked the person working on the machine to make a backup of the PST file in Outlook for me. When I got my machine back, I discovered that not only Outlook, but all of the Microsoft Office programs would only stay open for a few seconds and then shut down (no error messages generated). I was going to simply delete and re-install the program, but when I tested the back-up PST file on another computer's Outlook installation, I discovered that the entire "contacts" section was missing. Unfortunately, I have been building this section as a database of all of our business contacts and I desperately need to find out if the information is still intact and if so, find a way to recover it from my crashed program. At present, I can't keep the program open long enough to see if my information is even still in there. I tried the "repair" funcion on the Office disk, but I am still having the same problem. Has anyone else had this problem with Office before and/or can anyone help troubleshoot a fix so I can get Outlook running without re-installing and for sure losing my data? Thanks!
  • 5. Image Uploader. The install does not work. It keeps asking.
    After installing the Image Uploader in (Beta) Office Live, the system keeps asking to install the Image Uploader when I want to upload any image file in the Image Gallery. What should I do? Thank You.

cant use office after XP Repair

Postby Ym9kZWFu » Fri, 01 Aug 2008 04:32:00 GMT

I to reinstall XP home edtion.  I can see the application in the directory 
but they dont show in the start program menu

Re: cant use office after XP Repair

Postby ?UTF-8?Q?_db.C2B7.._3E3C292929_C2B73E`_.._. » Fri, 01 Aug 2008 04:53:51 GMT

hello bodean,

there is a big difference
between the term "repair"
used in the subject line and
the term "reinstall" in the
body of your message.

just in case you are not
sure, windows can be
repaired by using the
repair option of the cd.

this method basically
leaves much of the system
intact, only replacing missing
or corrupted system files with
the genuine ones from the cd.

the windows cd can also let
you re-install windows as well.

this however, is a method that
replaces the operating system
on the harddisk with a new
o.s. from the cd.

this method also requires you
to download all the updates
again from and
it also requires you to reinstall
all the other software again.

so which method did you



Re: cant use office after XP Repair

Postby Ym9kZWFu » Fri, 01 Aug 2008 05:22:23 GMT

You are right.  I did a reinstall and dont have the CD's. the apps were 
preloaded on the HD and we did not make a backup   any suggestions.
Again I can see all of the application.  

Re: cant use office after XP Repair

Postby DL » Fri, 01 Aug 2008 06:44:32 GMT

You cannot move your programs to the new installation, niether could you 
have backed them up, allthough you could have created an image, using 
appropriate software.

You may be able to repair your origonal windows installation, post to a 
winxp group if no one responds here, for how to.

>> "bode<n" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >.com> wrote in messa>> 


Re: cant use office after XP Repair

Postby ?UTF-8?Q?_db.C2B7.._3E3C292929_C2B73E`_.._. » Fri, 01 Aug 2008 06:49:56 GMT

unfortunately, there is nothing
you can do to undue the process

however there are two possibilities
that you might look into:

1) the pre installed programs
and updated drivers are still
available for download or
order from you computers

2) your computers maker may
have created a hidden partition
on the hard disk with all the
installation files, drivers and
specialty software that can be
used to restore your system
back to its original factory

both of the above can be
investigated via the homesite.

perhaps, there is one more
thing that might be of help.

you might want to provide a
list of the software you are
concerned about and perhaps
there will be ideas provided
by others.


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