is there an office assistant for office standard 2007?

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    Hi, we have Office 2007 plus installed on several of our terminal servers. On some of the servers, the pop-up reminding that the "out of office are on" are active, is not showing as a pop-up when the user logges on. Is there a way of configurating so that it show for these servers also? Setup should be identical on all servers.. -- regards Andreas
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    Hi, i've a very strange problem with MS Office. We've stored a lot of excel and word docs on a Windows 2003 fileserver. Normally we always open this doc's without problems. But now since a few days we get the message "this file must be opened as read-only.....etc" The file is not read only with attrib on the file but in the word doc by options / security / read-only (this strange option is ON by the problem documents). When i send the doc by e-mail to another person, outside the domain we've the same problem. If you click "No" when there is the question, you can normal open the Doc. If you uncheck this option "read only" in Word and then "save" the problem is solved. This is not an option for me because there are lot's of files with this problem. The problem is not by one user, but several users have the same problem. It does'nt matter if this user uses Office 2003 or 2007, same problem. This is the software we use: Office 2003 Pro (SPII) and Office 2007 Pro on Windows XP Pro (SPII and some have SPIII) With all this versions the same problem. Question is: 1. how can i give a lot of word/excel files the uncheck for read-only? 2. how is it possible that we suddenly have this problem... Thanks for your answers!!! Ron
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    Hi, My daughter purchased a lap-top with the 60 day Trail Activation of Office Suites I have purchased the cd from retail and installed it on her PC and activated it by telephone. As the laptop is new it's not all set up yet. I unhooked my desk-top & plugged the laptop in to check if everything set up ok. But the trial version Key Activation keeps popping up wanting to activate the Trial Version. I assumed that my installation of the retail version would just overide and remove. When I check uninstall or change programs... I see my installed version Office Home & Student as loaded today. But I also see Activation for MS Trial as well as Microsoft suites. I don't want to go and uninstall the MS Suites if somehow what I loaded to day merged with that one. Is that possible? What should I do? thanks for any suggestions

is there an office assistant for office standard 2007?

Postby aGVycmxpbmU » Fri, 01 Aug 2008 04:58:07 GMT

i am looking for an office assistant for office standard 2007, i know there 
was one in the office 2003 and would like one (changeable as in the 2003 
version) to install in the 2007 version, does anyone know of one or more than 
one? i understand there were many who didnt like them but they didnt have to 
use them, it was there choice but i did like them and so did my daughter so 
any help would be thankfull, i will keep my fingers crossed, cheers!

Re: is there an office assistant for office standard 2007?

Postby JoAnn Paules » Fri, 01 Aug 2008 05:28:34 GMT

No, the assistants are gone from Office 2007.


JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]
Tech Editor for "Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies"

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