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Office XP Programs bomb in WinXp

Postby V2VzIEx1Y2Fz » Sun, 01 May 2005 00:16:06 GMT

Several programs in Office (Word, Excel) blow up in Win XP with no error 
message.  Program just closes.  This also happens, sometimes, with other 
programs, such as IE 6+ & Quickbooks Premier, for instance.  I am suspicious 
of Memory problems, as that's the last thing that I've done to the machine 
(IBM NetVista).  I upgraded to the max Memory (2Gig).  I had similar problems 
with generic memory; and then switched to IBM speced Memory; but I am having 
the same problems.  The memory checks out with several  diagnotic programs 
suggested by the Microsoft community site.

I do not have this problem when I limit Memory to 1.5gig.  Any ideas?

Re: Office XP Programs bomb in WinXp

Postby Dian D. Chapman, MVP » Sun, 01 May 2005 03:21:53 GMT

Do you regularly clear out your temp folder? You might also try tuning
down your hardware accelerator to see if this is a graphic problem?

See this page for several suggestions to try...


Good luck...

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Microsoft MVP, MOS Certified
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On Fri, 29 Apr 2005 08:16:06 -0700, Wes Lucas

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