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Office settings mixed up on terminal server

Postby d291dGVy » Fri, 26 Nov 2004 00:09:02 GMT

On my Windows 2003 terminal server, the user profiles get mixed up. Since 
the installation of a post SP3 patch for OfficeXP (Q832332), I experience the 

When I open, close a Word document, the documents I opened are shown in the 
"recent documents list" of my colleque. Also auto recovery documents created 
for me are shown in his Word.

Further more. The inof I add in userinformation in Word is added to my 
colleque's settings. So I mean: in Word, Tools, Options, User information.

It looks like we use the same But we both specified a diffirent 
location through settings in Word. (tools, options, file locations)

I have reinstalled Office but that didnt work. Also i deleted our (roaming) 
profiles and then reinstalled Office. And that didnt work either.


Greetz Wouter

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With kind regards,

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