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Don't use same file extension for Office 2003 and 2000 - formats .

Postby RE0uT2hpbw » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 07:09:03 GMT

Contact list became corrupted when I used Intellimover Transfer Your PC from 
Windows ME Pentium 2 (Office 2000) to Windows XP Pro Pentium 4 (Office 2003). 
 Unfortunately Microsoft used same data file extensions (*.pst), but stored 

Also, Outlook 2003 contact list is not synchronized with e-mail contact 
list.  When I change info in my contact list, it doesn't change in my e-mail 
To: or CC: lists.  Or, it has the first and last name reversed, or it has a 
totally different name than the Outlook contact list.

Any one else have same problem?

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Cheers for any info




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