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  • 1. annoying "Preparing to install..." message!
    hi, i have put MS Office 2003 proffessional edition on my puter but every time that i go to open ANY office app there pops up a "windows installer: preparing to install" message. and its driving me crazy. also on my computer (i just looked in my control panel) and i found MSOffice 2003 standard editon but when i tried to uninstall it it said that the patch location couldnot be found... so i cannot delete it! if neone knows how to fix this problem i would be VERY appriciative. thank you -- how long would it take for a grasshopper with a wooden leg to kick all tha seeds out of a dill pickle?
  • 2. OFF2000: Windows Installer Appears Every Time a Program Is Started
    The article relating to this problem doesn't work. How do I stop windows installer appearing everytime I start a Office application?
  • 3. Cannot save document and toolbar is inactive
    I have MS Office 2003 Pro. Everytime I start a new document and click "save as" or click the "save icon" the whole toolbar goes transparent and I cannot save anything. I do have all the latest updates. It's making my life hell cause I have reports due. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  • 4. Text Import Wizard
    Hi, does anyone know how to open a text file without going through the text import wizard? I open an .out file on a daily basis, and it's always delimited/space/general on the wizard options. Maybe there is a way to set default text import options, or open this file in a different way. Please advise
  • 5. Printing a mail merge issue
    Hi, Last time I ran a mail merge, I had an issues I could not resolve. The merged document looked fine on the screen. It was the correct font and sizing. However, when I printed it, half printed fine and the other half printed out funny. It came out in a completely different looking font - darker and more squashed. It had also inserted small boxes for any punctuation such as commas. I tried running the mail merge again, but the same problem occurred. I tried rebooting the computer and running it again, but it happened again. The only thing I could do in the end was pull out the most important ones and put in their addresses manually, and print them out individually. Does anyone know why this happened?And how I can prevent it happening again? Many thanks!

Is Office 2007 safe to use

Postby UnV0aA » Sat, 30 Dec 2006 16:28:00 GMT

  Does Office 2007 have any flaws or does it run smooth after you install it 
on your computer?

Re: Is Office 2007 safe to use

Postby Paul Ballou » Sat, 30 Dec 2006 17:02:01 GMT

I've not personally experienced any issues so I would say yes

What do mean by have any flaws? all software has a chance of having some 
type of issue for one reason or another that may or may not be found until 
after it is released to the public....
Paul Ballou
MVP Office

Re: Is Office 2007 safe to use

Postby nicholas hall » Sat, 30 Dec 2006 20:22:32 GMT

I am using the trial version of office 2007 pro and I am happy with it.

I am sure that during the lifetime of office there will be a service pack or 


Re: Is Office 2007 safe to use

Postby Patrick Schmid [MVP] » Sat, 30 Dec 2006 20:34:46 GMT

It's generally fine, but it has its issues like any piece of software. 
If you tell us more about your configuration and what programs you'd 
like to use, we can give you an idea whether you'll encounter any of 

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