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  • 1. Thank you FH
    I've been switching back and forth from using the ribbon at home to the old menus at work for about 9 months now. My evaluation is that the ribbon is one of the worst developments coming out of Microsoft in ages. It seems clear that Microsoft knowingly sacrificed usability so they could more esily display new features. Yes, the ribbon makes it easier to discover new features. It does that because you spend useless hours wandering amongst the icons trying to figure out where that *%$# command went. I have been a 100% user of Microsoft Office products for 2 decades. I'm so angry that Microsoft decided that the power-user's experience was unimportant, I've been hounding my corporate IT staff not to "upgrade" to the next version of Office. Now that my switching costs are very low (in terms of productivity) I may switch to Apple's office suite. Terrible, terrible, terrible corporate decision. How hard would it have been to offer an alternate menu?
  • 2. Word 2003 not working
    Word 2003 not functioning. Program locks up, not responding. All other office 2003 programs work properly. I get error stating Norton Anti-Virus plug in causing problem, but I have uninstalled Norton anti-virus and use McAfee now. I uninstalled office 2003 programs and reinstalled with original cd, but same problem occurs again.
  • 3. Picture prints as black box
    I have a number of graphics (logos) on a powerpoint slide, all grouped, but when I print, one of the pictures prints as a solid black box (i.e. picture doesn't print). All other graphics in the group print ok. Any thoughts? I'm using Powerpoint 2003 on Windows XP v5.1 (SP3). Thanks
  • 4. Upgrading from Office 2K to 2K7 on TS2003
    Hello, We have an existing W2K3 Terminal server used by about 100 users with Office 2000 on it. We are upgrading to Office 2K7 this year and I need to upgrade the TS install. I am wondering if there is anything special I'll need to do with that. We originally installed Office 2000 using a custom transform file that takes care of things like automatically setting up people's email etc. Will those configurations stay in place if I just upgrade the Office suite, or am I going to need to create a new transform file to be used by the O2K7 install? Should I be uninstalling the old suite and installing new? Tips, tricks, suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks! Phil

microsoft office standard 2003 non-functional

Postby aW1hbmk » Sun, 08 Jul 2007 11:00:01 GMT

I originally had microsoft office  standard 2003 on  my computer which came 
with  XP professional.  recently microsoft offered  a trial version of office 
2007. which expired.  when I went to go back and use the original microsoft 
standard 2003( which was not a trial version) it  is now non functional.  
What happened to the original office standard 2003 which has been working 
fine for years.  until ...!!!!!!
What can be done to recover  this program

Re: microsoft office standard 2003 non-functional

Postby Tom Willett » Sun, 08 Jul 2007 11:13:52 GMT

Office 2003 did not come with Windows XP.  It is not part of the OS.  You 
had an OEM version that your vendor bundled with Windows.  You need to 
reinstall it from the media supplied to you by the vendor.

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1.OFfice 2003 Pro non functional

I have Office 2003 Pro and except for Outloook, the rest of it doesn;t 

I am unable to word or access at all in Office..

here are the errors:

WORD: This document could not be registered. It will not be possible to 
create links from other documents to this document.  And, no previously made 
word document with live links works. All links are dead.
No matter what type of document i try to open within word, i get either this 
message, or for email, it tells me that the email envelope could not be 
loaded. I have checked both template folders, and in fact, there is nothing 
about an email template in either one of them.

ACCESS: A problem occured  while Microsoft Access was communicating with the 
OLE server or acive x control.Close the OLE server and restart it outside of 
MS Acess, then try the original operation again in Access.
I am also unable to shut down Access by OK'ing my way out. The error just 
keeps popping up. I have to go to the task manager.

I asked about this in the Access ng and tried what was suggested, to no 
I have also checked the Word ng, and have tried deleting the 
template but the error just simply won;t go away.

I have detected and repaired several times. I have clean installed it twice. 
I do have  an Office 10 folder on the drive. I had never really used word 
before getting this new Office, which was bought complete and is 
not an upgrade on top of 2000.

If anyone has any suggestions or things to check i will be more than happy 
to try them, provided of course i can understand am not an 
experienced user here...

thanks a lot..


2.Microsoft Outlook Junk E-Mail filters non-functional

I have had a problem with junk e-mail filters for awhile. It first
started with Outlook 2003, and it appears to be present in Outlook

Basically, when I enable the Junk E-mail filters (at any level),
nothing happens. Outlook doesn't even create the Junk E-mail folder. I
had it working in Outlook 2003, but every now and then, it would just
stop working. Eventually, it stopped working completely.

I am connecting to both a Hotmail mailbox and an IMAP mailbox. At one
point the Junk E-mail folder was created and working, but not anymore.
Interestingly, there is a Junk E-mail folder for the Personal Folders,
but I don't get any mail delivered using Personal Folders (pop3 or
exchange accounts).

I have this problem on 3 computers. ALL the computers have clean
installs of the OS and the Office suite. I did clean installs of both
Windows XP and Vista. Same results with both. I have tried using new
PST files, deleting and re-adding the accounts, the /resetfolders
command line switch. None of this has any affect.

I have also tried OutlookSpy and the Microsoft MAPI Editor.
Interestingly with these, I noticed that the Junk E-mail filter is not
listed for the accounts, even with Junk E-mail Filtering enabled
through the program menu. The Outlook menu shows that the filtering IS
enabled even though it doesn't appear to be when looking through the
above tools.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I would really rather not
have to resort to 3rd party programs.

Thanks in advance! do you remove microsoft office outlook 2003 from the microsoft standard edition 2003 setup

I have tried to create an office 2003 standard installation using an
MST file which removes all previous versions of Microsoft Office from
the setup program but I cannot get it to remove Outlook 2003 which had
already previously been installed.

My company is preparing to deploy Office 2003 standard to our European
division and I am preparing the Office 2003 installation routine which
will be sent out via Microsoft SMS.

The problem I have is that we currently have a mix and match of Office
97 and 2000 installations, all of which use Microsoft Office outlook
2003 already. The MST file routine which I have created works
brialliantly apart from not removing the previously installed version
of Outlook 2003 and then adding it to the Office 2003 STD install.

I have selected the option to remove ALL previous versions of Office
but it doesn't work! Any help is much appreciated as this is now
beginning to do my head in....



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Hello, I have Outlook 2003 and although my .pst file is password protected, 
one day the protection just stopped working.  I have tried turning it off and 
back on again, changing the password, you name it, but when you launch 
outlook it just goes right in.  It used to ask me the password and if I 
didn't type it in, I couldn't access the .pst.  Now it goes right in without 
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detect and repair, no help!

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