How to filter out messages in rules that have restrictive permissi

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    I have a third party program that i am using to send faxes. I use microsoft outlook 2000 with SP 3 to send the faxes . After i installed the SP3 , whenever i send from the fax program , outlook opens and gives me a message that another program is tryin to use MS outlook to send and it may be a virus , so pls confirm that you want to send this msg. It is ok for 1 fax , but being that i have several faxes queued up , it is quite a nuisance. I am hoping someone has a walkaround. I have tried unintalling ms office and installed again , but it still keeps the SP3. I dont want to format my machine, i know that will work. Pls advise asap.
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    I've been a heavy Office user since its introduction. I really thank Microsoft and Bill for making all their great software available for me to earn my living with. Currently using Office 2000. I'm curious what Office XP has to offer. My company chose not to upgrade its 20,000+ PCs from either Windows or Office 2000 to XP versions. Our IT people say there are no significant benefits to a corporate user. In the case of Windows XP, which I have at home, I think they are correct. Nothing runs any better, and the Fisher Price/Tella-tubby style is amusing at best. So what can I expect from Office XP? Anything of substance, of mostly just whistles and bells on top of the 2000 with all the service packs? I was given Office XP but have not installed it at home because I do not want to put up with file version issues that I found with every other Office upgrade; I still must use 2000 formats for work stuff. Thanks.
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    I am running Windows XP and Office 2000. I have Office 2003 full installation and I want to know if I install it will it wipe out my contacts in Outlook and any other contacts and documents I have created in Office 2000? Or should I pass this version and wait for the next. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Help to anyone. I bought Office 2000 Pro back in 2002, and the jewel case that it was sent in, had a poor fitting center holder, and put too much pressure on the disk and has cracked it. I want to update my operating system to XP, but I need to have my office disk intact to reinstall for obvious reasons. Any Leads would be great. Thanks . I can be emailed at XXXX@XXXXX.COM

How to filter out messages in rules that have restrictive permissi

Postby c2NoYWZlcg » Sat, 22 Apr 2006 23:52:01 GMT

How to filter out messages in rules that have restrictive permission? These 
emails bomb out my rules and I would prefer not to receive them.

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